Language teacher

with over 10 Years' Experience

When I moved to the US in 2009, I did so to attend grad school and become a professor of German literature and culture afterwards. What I did not expect was that I would discover a new passion, and that was teaching. Specifically: making learning another language both entertaining and gratifying, encouraging students to step outside their comfort zone and develop their (overall) skills, watching them grow academically and as a person.


Ten years, I taught German—the language along with culture and literature—at US colleges, and I got to hone my skills through professional workshops, research, peer feedback, student evaluations, and, of course, learning by doing. (I also got my PhD in German Cultural Studies in 2015).


Now that I am back in Germany, I am focusing on language learning solutions tailored to each student. Sessions that take into account individual preferences, strengths, and needs. But I also offer group sessions for companies, both for German and English learners. All of this happens online so you can connect with me conveniently from your home, no matter where you are.

Petra is fantastic!

She has tailored our work to exactly what I will need as an American coming to work in Germany on a long term opera contract.

Our lessons and conversations are practical and focused on real-world scenarios I will likely encounter while living and working in Germany.

Patrick Cook


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